Terms & Conditions

It is recommended to all the users to go through the Terms & Conditions mentioned underneath vigilantly before accessing website and utilize its services. If a user operates the services then, it is considered as the person’s acknowledgment and consent to the Terms and conditions of using it. On the other hand, if user doesn’t yearn for conformity over the terms and conditions declared over the website, then they should not make use of the website.

Bookflydeal holds the right to change these Terms & Conditions at its individual prudence in a course of time. At the time of booking, it is mandatory for the travelers to provide the accurate information to aid the company exercise an instant analysis of all the aspects of their proviso to authenticate (but not limited to): passenger names, mailing address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, airfare, charges, arrival/departure airports, accommodations, and other regular activities on your booking receipt.

t is obligatory by the customer to inform and notify the company immediately if any modifications and/or omissions are requisite allied to the booking specifications. If by any chance, traveler fails to communicate the modifications and/or omissions to the company, traveler is supposed to hold the whole liability for any kind of risks and/or costs involved. At the time of booking, traveler much check and confirm the accuracy of their officially authorized first and last name.


Bookflydeal.com is an Online Travel Company started with an intention to deliver quality services to their travelers, so any unlawful upheaval over the website is strictly forbidden such as follows:

  • In case of any against the law, fictitious, or sham intention to cause
  • With an objective to hurt, annihilate or threaten anyone in anyway
  • For any business or profitable grounds, other than obscured exercise
  • To transmit, guard, uncontrolled, unauthorized representation, inadequate time or any sort of equivalent inviting for spam
  • In abjuration of these Terms of Use
  • Best Price assertion
  • If found, any amendment, replica, broadcast, dispense, exhibit, execution, imitation, licensing, shifting or selling any company’s specifications, goods or services, software attained through this website
  • contravening the restrictions of this Website or seek to distract other procedures being affianced to evade/control this Website’s access

if your reservation/account shows any indication of treacherous misuse or any other kind of doubtful commotion, bookflydeal.com may terminate any tour bookings reserved on your forename, email ID or account, and may also seal any linked bookflydeal.com accounts. In case, any person is caught involved in any racket or scam bustle, bookflydeal.com seizes the right to prompt any complaints as may be obligatory and the person may be in charge for paying the penalty to bookflydeal.com which might comprises of court case costs as well as indemnity. To fight in opposition to the cancellation of sealing of an account, maintain communication with customer service staff of Bookflydeal.


If in any case, anyone caught -breaching these Terms and Conditions or the documents declared herein;

-violating any rule or the rights of a third party; or using of this Website

Then, the person is assumed to reimburse the Travel Companies or the Travel Partners from and in opposition to any allegations, act, commands, resurgences, fatalities, indemnity, fines, penalties or other costs or disbursements of any manner or character counting but not restricted to legitimate legal and office fees, conveyed by third parties.


Bookflydeal reserves the right to receive the entire amount for all goods and services they are offering before the traveler boards the flight. Once the company ensures and approves the overall payment, the traveler can start his/her journey. If the payment is done through Cheque, then the tickets will be circulated only after the realization of Cheque.

Bookflydeal seizes the right at any instance and owing to any grounds: To discard a ticket preceding to the departure date, and if the recognition is completed, its accountability would be restricted to reimburse the money paid by the travelers, for the ticket.

To make corrections, revise, disagree or leave any flight, tour or apparatus that has been publicized by the company. The company would not be legally responsible for any compensation, additional disbursement or significant loss that is borne by the traveler.

It is the Company itself who holds the power, in black and white, to disagree, include, revise or abandon off any demonstration, report, Terms & Conditions chalk up over here or in the company leaflet, or other terms as well as conditions vis-à-vis tour being reserved by the Traveler certified by the company.

Traveler certified by the company. Whenever the company needs to work out its prerogative to adjust or alter any trip as is promoted in its brochure or in any other medium after such holiday has been set aside the Traveler shall be allowed:

-To ensue with the holiday or excursion as revised or customized

-To concur on any another holiday or excursion recommended that the company may put forward. In these abovementioned cases, the company cannot be held responsible to the Traveler/Group for any misdemeanor, additional and substantial loss being borne by the traveler.

Whatever the situation or circumstances may occur, the company shall not be legally responsible to the Traveler/Group for:

Any mishap, demise, bad health, individual injury, loss, postponement and higher outflow or substantial harm by any misadventure or analogous grounds.

If the traveler finds anything disagreeable in relation with or because of the tour must be communicated to the company in inscription within 21 days from concluding date of the trip. Any kind of claim, complaint or disagreement will not be entertained after 21 days from the last day of the trip in any condition. Traveler cannot object personally if traveling within the Group; the complaint shall be measured straightforwardly by the only passenger who is delegated as the manager of the whole Group.

Due to any unforeseen reason like fog, bad weather, natural calamity, curfew, crime etc, if the traveler have to return back, postpone, reduce the number of days of the trip, cancel and/or re-route any particular scheduled transport; the company will not be held liable to any passenger for money back, reimbursement or any claim. The rules with respect to cancellation charges/refund would be valid.

Tax and Fees inclusions on Airline Tickets

Taxes and fees are the obligatory cost that should to be borne by each and every citizen of the nation. The amount to be paid for taxes and fees are generally not included at the website page displaying the prices of airline tickets. This extra cost is specified in the payment page in detail to present an overall cost for the ticket. Before making the payment, the person can check and recheck all the costs, taxes and fees charged. The rate of Tax fares can vary as per the amendments made by government and hence, company is not responsible for the fluctuation in the cost of ticket. For international flights, there may be Entry or Exit Charges that are not incorporated in the ticket fare or listed separately on the payment page. On all the air tickets, a non-refundable cost will be applied for all the services and details provided by the airlines.

Online/on-duty Ticket Processing Fee:

In case of utilizing any of our services to make any reservations, than a reasonable processing fee will be imposed on all the reservations made through our website or by means of our on-duty travel experts. For both domestic bookings and international bookings, relevant processing fees will be charged over the overall airfare.


If the passenger asks for some changes in Air travel itinerary, in case allowed by airline rules and regulations; then there may have a fee as the charges for amendment made by the passenger varying as per the market, carrier and particular fare rules. Additionally, any alterations made with bookflydeal.com in your itinerary will sustain per ticket as bookflydeal processing fee.


In case of exceeding the limit for certain services mentioned by particular airline company or rendering extra services, the traveler may have to pay some extra fees at the airport. For instance, if the total weight of baggage or the number of bags allowed exceeds the limit, the passenger has to pay for the extra luggage. Also, some airlines do not even offer a free baggage allowance. At the time of booking, , bookflydeal.com exhibits a detailed information about all the specifications and allowances of the airlines.