Privacy Policy

Bookflydeal is resolute to safeguard your privacy and secrecy every time you browse our website and utilize its services. To assure you further, underneath is mentioned the detailed legal papers of our company’s privacy policy. Read it carefully to recognize our privacy policy with reference to the collection and relevance of your personal information.


In order to serve you superior, we may ask over to release your "personal information” that embraces the necessary information like name, address, e-mail address, contact number. All the unique information and section of details mentioned by the traveler while accessing the company’s website or by accessing any other medium is reserved. It may comprise all that specifications that is required to identify you, such as your first and last name, postal as well as e-mail address, your contact number, billing details and others.

The information section may also demands for facts associated to your accommodation preferences and frequent flyer, but sharing this information is not mandatory. You can choose to not to share such details with us. Nevertheless, some sections of information are mandatory as required to list you as a member of our website to utilize our services like booking, view profiles of other traveler, to be a part of surveys or contests, or to get access to enquire with us or for setting off other connections via our website. If you are making reservations for a person other than you through our website, we shall demand for the significant unique details as well as travel preferences of that particular individual(s). Before sharing the individual(s) details, it is your responsibility to take their permission to disclose their unique details as well as travel preferences with us, as any admittance to view or modify their information can be done by the use of your account only.

We also may acquire both unique as well as non-unique information about you every so often from dealing associates, allied maneuver and other superior foundations to put in to our account fine points.


The delicate information like billing details including cardholder name, Credit Card number and expiration date, we reserve on our data for carrying out the travel bookings that you make with our website. Also, we use other information about you for subsequent intentions:

  • to provide you advanced services that you requested for like travel confirmation and other restoration,
  • to proficiently handle your account including processing bills and provide important notifications allied to travel,
  • to maintain travel related communication with you
  • to respond and answer to all your queries as well as testimonials
  • to follow your considerations and recommendations to grow our products, services and website
  • to announce our special offers & deals with you
  • or else customize your handling of this website, for rewarding you as part of any such agenda that you choose to connect, to request for data from you, that may includes surveys, to determine disagreement, accumulate fees or to repair complexity, for overcrowding prospective outlawed/illicit actions, to put into effect Terms & Conditions set forward by us, and also as if not has been explained to you at the compilation point.

To inform and update our customers regarding the upcoming offers, deals and packages, we keep a list of email addresses of the customers and send them mails time to time to render them the chance to get best services. We also send the emails as per your travel queries and interests shown in the data. For instance, if you search for the flight to England on our website, we will communicate with you via email by sending the latest flight offers or deals for England. All the emails sent to you by our company will be completely informative and mention in details all the specifications of the particular flight or tour.

Your details are also required in following cases- In recognition to court orders, warrant, or some other authorized dealings for setting off or applying our official permits in order to guard against lawful assertions or as is otherwise considered necessary by the law. In such matters, we seize the right to hoist/put aside any legal objection/right that is reachable to us.

In case of any illegal or suspected activities happened within the company, the details will be useful to run a thorough investigation, control the activities, or take action pertaining to illegal or suspected illegal activities; for the security and protection of company, for protecting the rights, for protection of our consumers or others and in agreement with our Terms & Conditions and other bound contract.

Except for the points discussed above, if any unique information is marked with personal entity, an immediate notification will be sent to you with an option to choose whether you want to disclose such unique information and details with the company or not.


if browsing the website of the, there may have the identifying links to third party websites representing their services. It is to make clear that if in case you click on any of such links, the web page of other company will automatically get opened showing their company’s website, application or services. In such cases, we can assure of not disclosing your privacy with any third party units. However, we do not take any accountability of their particular practices to guard privacy of the customers.

It is always recommended to go through the privacy policy of each and every company you are dealing with as it is not necessary to follow same privacy practices by other companies like ours. By carefully reading the practices, you can easily safeguard the confidentiality of your account details.
Under the company’s provision, we also hold the right to make amendments in the policy or supplement this Privacy Policy manuscript time to time. All the amendments and additions will be mentioned in the revised copy of policy. If you find any practices objectionable or unacceptable, you may demand the company to delete your personal data from our records.